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Sponsorship Opportunities

everywoman partners with companies who believe that gender parity at work is good for the bottom line, for the economy, and for society.

The 2020 everywoman in Insurance Forum will be attended by supporters, influencers and senior decision-makers all committed to ensuring more women occupy senior roles the breadth of the insurance industry.

Become a Sponsor to help us achieve meaningful and measurable change for women in the insurance sector.

Contact Seema Bennett for more information.

Why Sponsor?

  • Position your brand as an employer of choice – broadcast your support for gender equality to your target audience
  • Put your brand in front of the largest and most prestigious insurance companies
  • Invest in the professional development of your female talent into future leaders, engage and retain your female employees
  • Meet and connect with thought leaders, colleagues, clients and stakeholders

Who Attends?

The forum is open to everyone working in insurance – from women looking to advance their career and create more diverse teams, to men working to support women in their teams and wider organisations. A sample of the companies and job functions that attended last year are below:

List of roles of previous attendees of  the everywoman Insurance Forum
everywoman Insurance Forum

Why everywoman?

  • 20 years of expertise in advancing women in business
  • World-class speakers, panels and workshops
  • Become part of a global community of women and men creating parity at work

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