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What to look out for over the coming weeks so you can plan your diary and pick your must attend sessions.

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Our handpicked selection of content and resources to bring you the latest industry insight and most inspiring role models. 

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We are proud to bring together a roster of global voices leading the Insurance Industry, to inspire, engage and inform.

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The home of all our live streaming sessions where you can watch, interact and ask your questions.

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Virtual Highlights

Or virtual format offers many advantages, including:

· Global Access: International teams have the ability to learn from global thought leaders.

· Truly Inclusive: everyone in your company is able to participate, regardless of their location, their gender and seniority.

· Live Q&A: made available for attendees to interact real-time on all topics. An opportunity for everyone to have their say and be heard.

· Continued Learning: Recordings of our sessions will remain available for a set period of time so everyone can access them.

· Cost & Time effectiveness: No time needed for travelling, and no associated costs.

· Access to a 365 community and resource hub: The conversation, networking and access to resources doesn’t end when the live sessions.

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