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5 Quick Exercises To Get You Started In Self-Promotion

Self-promotion is a vital career building skill – however, according to a poll in our Know Yourself Before You Can Promote Yourself’ webinar, less than one in ten of us think we’re any good at it. Conversely, a whopping 81% of us find promoting a friend or colleague easy-peasy. So why the disparity? Maybe because people often confuse self-promotion with showing off.

Seven Ways I Make it Happen: Melanie Goldsmith, CEO Smith & Sinclair

Described as ‘Willy Wonka for grown-ups’, Smith & Sinclair was set up in 2014 after its founders noticed the popularity of their handcrafted alcoholic confectionary at the board game dating nights they were running. They began on a stall in Soho’s Berwick Street Market — now their Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies, Alcoholic Dippers and Edible Fragrances sell to a global market, with company offices in London and New York. CEO Melanie Goldsmith discusses re-setting her life goals in light of the Covid pandemic, and how writing short stories helps her deal with conflict.

13 Questions We Ask Everyone: Maria Hatzistefanis, CEO of The Rodial Group

In 1999, recently fired from her finance job, Greek-born, Maria Hatzistefanis launched luxury skincare group Rodial, despite having failed to secure any funding. She found the brand’s niche by targeting specific skin concerns and with tongue-in-cheek product names such as Dragon’s Blood and Snake Serum. She has authored two books about navigating entrepreneurship, and hosts the podcast, Overnight Success, where she discusses how to hustle to get what you want and thrive in challenging times.

5 ways to improve your emails

Of the myriad communication tools at our fingers, emails are arguably best-suited for communicating longer or more in-depth information with colleagues and clients in a formal way.

But while it may be a quick way to deliver detailed information, those two factors alone make using the medium rife with complicated etiquette. Composing and sending emails needs to be done with thought – like any means of communication, it shapes your personal brand.